14 Things You Should Never (Ever!) Say To A Woman

Can you believe that it's 2017 and we still need this list?

Lauren Porter Mar, 07, 2017

Women are often victims of the worst kinds of verbal assaults, and in many cases, the attacker doesn’t even realize they’ve caused offense. Hurling any one of these phrases at a woman is likely to ruin her day, so pay close attention and please do avoid them in the future.

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This is the definition of none of your business.

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Why? Because it would make you feel better? Back off, buddy.

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Whoever said that being with a man is the only thing that equates to happiness lied. You are always enough.

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Never ask a woman if her hair is real. And as Solange can tell you, don't ask to touch it either. Real or fake, if she looks good that's all that matters.

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If a woman wants to have seconds, or thirds, that's her right and nothing for anyone else to question. Doing so is a surefire way to instantly make her feel uncomfortable.

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And what if it is? How dare you force a cliché as a justification for or against a woman's moods — good or bad.


You never know what someone has been through. Whether it was for cosmetic reasons or something medical, never ask when or if a woman has gone under the knife even if you notice a change.

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Some women struggle with fertility issues. Others have decided not to have children at all. Maybe she and her partner agree that the time isn't right. Asking a woman when she's going to have children or telling her that her "biological clock is ticking" is a serious no-no.

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Let this be the official notice: referring to a woman's weight is an absolute bad idea and assuming she's pregnant without knowing for sure is even worse.

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This is just plain rude...and wrong!

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Have you ever thought that marriage doesn't define all women and that maybe, just maybe, not everyone's version of happily ever after includes a stop at the altar?

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And who are you to judge?

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Chances are she probably is and your pointing it won't help at all.

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Let us stop you right there. It's probably a bad idea to remind a woman that she's underpaid in a world where women make 70 cents to the dollar compared to men.