11 Things You Need To Get Rid Of To Lighten Your Load In 2017

It's time to purge the clutter and bad relationships and bring in the New Year feeling lighter.

Lauren Porter Dec, 30, 2016

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Walk into the New Year without the baggage that's holding you back. Do some soul searching about the people who you really really need in your life. If it's not someone who can help better you, and vice versa, it's time to let them go.

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Welcome the right kind of love into your life in 2017. If you're still holding on to a guy you know isn't right, walk away...for good!

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If you're tired of tripping over old toys your children haven't touched in month it's time to let it go. Donate the unused items and make another little child very happy in 2017.

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That wall paper killing your vibe? Those throw pillows throwing you off? Toss it!

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If you haven't worn that dressed, rocked those heels or carried that handbag in more than just a few months, it's time to donate, donate, donate!

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Say "buh-bye" to all the clutter in your inbox! You don't need those pesky little emails anyway.

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They make online ordering and delivery services a thing for a reason. Step into the new year with a paperless place!

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Feeling like all your old mail and magazines are caving in around you? There's no better reason to purge your place in the New Year!

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Locking in a date and time to get your hair and nails done will help keep you on track and avoid a super last-minute crisis.

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If you aren't tempted to smell the fresh laundry, let it go. Throw out all the old sheets and towels that are taking up space in your linen closet and you're feel happier (and cleaner) in an instant!

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If you have to wiggle the cord to make sure you can hear your music out of both headphones, it's time to say goodbye.