15 Things Every Woman Needs In Her House Before Age 30

Adulting is hard, but not optional. Here's your shopping guide!

Lauren Porter Feb, 17, 2017

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Ready. Set. Adulting!

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If you stick with neutral seating in your living or family room, make the sapce pop with a statement chair that will invite anyone to have a seat! 

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Become the bartender of your own dreams with a well-stocked bar cart on display in your living space. It'll be a darling decorative addition to any room and it will be loaded and ready at a moment's notice for a much needed cocktail! 

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Fresh flowers are always a good idea to have in your home and a beautiful blossom needs an even cuter storage space.

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Keep a good stock of candles stored in various places in your home. Whether they are on display for decoration, used to set the mood or burned for the aroma, they'll be a necessity no matter what! 

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Whether you're using it for storage or simply showing off some of your favorite things, you need--yes need--a coffee table that isn't from Ikea. 

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Nothing says I'm an adult like a complete set of matching wine glasses. Long stemmed or stemless, a set of six is grown and oh, so sexy.

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Whether it's full of your favorite reads or a curated display of your favorite photoframes and knick knacks, a bookshelf is a household necessity.

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Make your room pop and your feet happy with add texture and color!

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Treat your windows with a little bit of respect and grab some stylish drapery that will make your room look easy, breezy and carefree.

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No more eating in your bed or on the couch, litearlly have a seat at the table and enjoy!

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Keep a cute tray handy just in case. Whether its used on decorative display or styled only for special occassions, it'll be a great item to have to make your space cuter than ever. 

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Jazz up for lighting experience with a bold and decorative light fixture. Whether it's a chandelier or a lamp, have some fun bringing some bright light into your space. 

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Get your green thumb game up by purchasing a plant for your home. Whether it's big or small, the great source of life will be a nice addition to your bedroom, living room or dwelling as a whole. Plus, it'll give you a pleasant practice in  taking care of something! 

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In an age where CDs have gone out of style and streaming is all the rage, make your at home concert experience boom and blast.

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It's time to ditch the mismatch pots and pans and commit to a full set of coordinated cookware.