Real Talk Moment! 30 Things Every Thirtysomething Woman Can Probably Relate To
Ridofranz/Getty Images

There’s no denying that after turning 30, things do begin to change a bit. The lessons you’ve learned throughout your 20s have changed your perspective on life, love and the pursuit of your happiness. And above all, that’s ultimately what becomes the most important thing to you: your happiness.

Long gone are the days where you feel the need to go out on a Saturday night, impress people that you don’t even like, or spend money on things you don’t even need (well, that last one might take some time). You’re wiser, more mature, have a bit more money and make few(er) mistakes than you did in your 20s. And it feels great.

Here’s a list of 30 things I’ve learned, experienced and reflected on after turning 30 this year, that you probably did too. Can I get an amen?

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  1. A perfect night is when you can meet up with friends at happy hour, or a day party, and still be in bed by 11pm.
  2. You’ve realized the difference between quality vs. quantity. You have fewer friends because you’ve started getting rid of your acquaintances and dropping toxic people in your life.
  3.  You no longer care what others think of you.
  4.  Your body can no longer bounce back after a night of drinking the way it used to. A hangover lasts the ENTIRE next day. And even sometimes through that Monday morning meeting.
  5.  Speaking of bouncing back, everything about your body has changed overall. You now have to deal with adult acne, and those pesky hairs that continue to grow on your chin and boobs.
  6.  You no longer entertain things that do not serve you. You’re too busy collecting your coins to have to deal with foolishness.
  7.  You’re committed to getting your financial house in order. You implement your 401k, savings account, Roth IRA, etc and these are normal discussions at brunch with your girlfriends.
  8.  You know that “when they go low” it’s better to take the high road. Thank you Michelle Obama for showing us this.
  9.  People start to get more in your personal business. If you’re single, your family asks when are you going to find “the one?” Or they begin to make suggestions on people who they can hook you up with. (Because being single in your 30s must be the plague, right?) If you’re in a relationship, people are asking when you planned on getting married. If you’re married, people keep questioning when you plan on having kids.
  10.  You don’t take life for granted. That’s because by this point you’ve probably experienced some hard times — and they are what make you really appreciate what you have.
  11. You realize that your parents were pretty with right all along… about everything.
  12. You begin to get more focused on your health. After years of fast food, binge drinking and no exercise, you realize that your health equals your wealth. So you begin to take it seriously.
  13. Your home is your personal sanctuary. It’s where you come to find peace after all the crazy and clutter that the world brings.
  14. You don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember all those things you thought you would never get over in your 20s? It all seems so trivial now.
  15.  It’s harder to stay in contact with friends. Your crew of friends from college all live across the country, and sometimes the best way of keeping tabs on folks is through Facebook or Instagram.
  16.  You feel flattered when you go out and get carded. Because everyone knows that “black don’t crack.”
  17.  Staying in is the new going out. Let’s face it, Netflix and chill on a Saturday night is better than hitting a crowded club.
  18.  You have zero tolerance for the bullshit.
  19.  By now, you’ve mastered code-switching. You can navigate corporate America better than Molly on Insecure.
  20.  You’ve realized your network equals your net worth. You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time around.
  21.  Someone wants you to go WHERE, at what time?! Long gone are the days where you head to the club at 1AM (unless you’re out of town, usually).
  22.  You know that the loudest person in the room is often the most insecure. And quietly, you pray for those people.
  23. You’ll wake up at 7am on a Saturday, even if you want to sleep in. And since you’re up, you may as well getting started on those weekend errands, right? Welcome to adulting.
  24. You’re comfortable with and have learned to own your sexuality. And you know that if you choose to have sex with someone (or not), that’s your own damn business.
  25.  You follow your passion, not the crowd. We only have one chance in this life. If you aren’t following what you love, then what are you doing?  
  26.  The 1970s only feels like it was 30 years ago, when it’s almost 50! And the 2000s feel like they were just yesterday, but that was almost 20 years ago.
  27.  You care about experiences more than material things. You’d rather book that trip to Paris than buy those $700 shoes.
  28. You know that the most important relationship you are going to have is with yourself. So you begin to be more kind to yourself. Self care is the best care.
  29. You suddenly realize that you may not have much time left with your parents, so you savor those moments. Because you’ll look back and regret the time you didn’t spend.
  30.  You like who you’re becoming. And that’s all that matters.