Gemini, Mind Your Money! Here Are June 2019 Horoscopes For All
illustration, makeba “keebs” rainey. cambell, george pimentel/wireimage.

OVERVIEW: Tread Lightly

The month of June will test your listening skills. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the sensitive, intuitive sign of Cancer on June 4. You will be forced to use patience and understanding to complete tasks. Planning and solving issues with a nurturing touch means everyone will receive what they need. We’re all feeling a bit emotional right now. Easy does it!

Geminis, its your time to shine but be careful – communication is key and so much is at stake. Our dear Scorpios will want dig deep and be brave. Our lovely Leos – you are long overdue for a break, and summer is your time.

Scroll below to see what Sonja Marie’s Word Life Astrology says the month of June has in store for you!