Second Autopsy Confirms Dr. Teleka Patrick Drowned
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A second autopsy confirms that Dr. Teleka Patrick of Michigan, who went missing in December, died of asphyxia from drowning. 

According to The Root, a private investigator hired by the family confirmed the results of the previous autopsy concerning the circumstances surrounding her death.

Patrick, 30, disappeared on December 5 after finishing her shift at Borgess Medical center. Her 1997 Lexus was discovered with a flat tire in a ditch on Interstate 94 in Indiana. Patrick and the keys were gone when state police arrived to the scene.

Her family has not ruled out foul play, although both autopsies indicate that there was no suspicious activity. 

Jim Carlin, the family’s private investigator says, “The reason the family did [the second autopsy] is because they have been so concerned about what they heard about the case coming to a conclusion. We now know the answer of where is Teleka, but they’re demanding to learn what truly happened to her.”