The Upgrade: Three Mental Health Apps To Help You Live Better
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For people struggling with mental health, the journey can seem like a lonely and daunting one. Cultural and social stigmas often keep people from addressing their issues and seeking the help they might need. Getting the assistance of licensed social workers, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists should be the first option when those in crisis need a hand.

However, in-person therapy sessions can be costly, and scheduling can be difficult for people working multiple jobs or in need of childcare, for example. These setbacks often add to the already stressful feelings they are experiencing and create barriers to getting the help they need.

Thankfully, technology is good for more than posting selfies on the ‘gram. You can actually get mental health assistance at your fingertips.

While we will always suggest that you seek expert advice for any mental health issues, these three apps can take the shame and hurdles away from getting help, and make the journey to a healthy peace of mind a safe one.

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