The Upgrade: These Four Apps Will Help You Outsource Your Most Annoying Tasks
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Whoever said adulting was going to be fun, lied. Ok, we take that back, there are definitely some awesome sides to being a grown-up like running your own business, traveling the world with your girls or living the good life with bae. But the rest, we can live without. IJS.

Standing in long lines at the supermarket, and spending precious weekend time cleaning and doing laundry are on the long list of things that were conveniently omitted when they sold us on this adulting thing. Freeing up your time to do the things you actually want to do (which could include doing nothing at all #selfcare), is priceless, and a luxury many people would gladly pay for.

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Lucky for you, we totally believe in outsourcing some of adulthood’s most annoying tasks and have rounded up a list of apps that will lighten the load and free you up to live your best life. You’re welcome.


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