The Upgrade: 3 Apps For Managing Your Rewards And Points
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When it comes to travel, one of the best ways to stay on the go (and within budget) is to collect rewards and points. The problem is, keeping track of every account username, password, balance and expiration date for all your credit card rewards, and hotel and airline point programs can be a daunting task. The result? Travelers end up collecting points and rewards that they never get a chance to redeem. Which ultimately means tons of free trips and perks left on the table.

The good news is there are great apps on the market that can help you collect all this information in one place and help you learn to use it efficiently so you never lose or forget about your hard-earned rewards again. If you’re looking for a new weapon to add to your travel arsenal, check out these three apps we know you’ll love, and download them today so you can start traveling smarter tomorrow.