The Upgrade: 3 Apps For Family Fun This Holiday
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Christmas is finally here which for many people means a home filled with the joy and laughter of family and friends. However, once the presents are opened and the coquito is done, what’s left to do? Enjoying family game time is a great option, but it can be difficult to find games that all ages can play, that suits everyone’s interests.

Lucky for us, our phones are good for more than just taking selfies and streaming music. There are tons of apps out there that make pulling together some holiday family fun a breeze. From apps that force you to think quick on your feet to those that test your creativity, there’s definitely a game app everyone can enjoy.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite family-friendly game apps that we know will keep your home filled with hours of fun and laughter this holiday season. Our picks are so hilarious that you’ll definitely want to play them more than once a year. Enjoy!

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