The first annual Africa Tech Summit in New York City will be a deep dive into Africa’s growing influence in tech. Co-founder Christine Ntim, an award-winning Haitian-American entrepreneur who recently hosted the Haiti Tech Summit, has now turned towards Africa in partnership with her husband, Ghanian-British entrepreneur Einstein Kofi Ntim. The Africa Tech Summit is designed to give attendees a peek at tech developments and trends across the African continent. The one-day summit will feature workshops and keynote sessions with the goal of teaching the basics of startup development, investment, and ecosystem building. The summit will conclude with an exclusive VIP evening networking session and private meetings with speakers, experts, and investors. The stakes are high. Africa will double in population to an estimated 2.5 billion of the world’s nearly 10 billion people by 2050. That’s pure power. And mining African brilliance and ingenuity is key to progress in the space. “The narrative around Africa has been completely askew because technology started on the continent,” said Christine Ntim. “ “Technology is the heart of humanity’s progress. It’s imperative that people get the narrative straight; the future is Africa because it always has been.” There is enormous potential to transform the world’s perception of Africa’s place in tech. Innovation in the space will do more than bring jobs to the Motherland, it will give Africans their rightful place because, as Ntim is quick to remind, “whoever holds technology, holds the future.” With this in mind, organizers are putting entrepreneurs, investors, pioneers, and creatives, under one roof to accelerate both the exploration and the exponential tech initiatives within African markets. “Ponder this,” said Ntim, “If humanity was born on the African continent, then innovation started on the continent and yet all futuristic conversation about AI, Blockchain and other futuristic technology is talked about outside of the continent.” “I go back to the movie “Black Panther” – I think that’s the first time that someone has an actual conversation about what technology and innovation and the future would look like in the motherland.” “Technology is the heart of humanity’s progress,” adds Ntim. The Africa Tech Summit will take place Dec. 14, 2018 in New York City.