How to Stop Judging Everything and Everybody (Because It’s Time)
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This year has been one of the country’s most intense and given us plenty to side-eye. But all that frustration can actually rob us of our own wellbeing. Bestselling author and Oprah Super Soul 100 teacher Gabrielle Bernstein is on a mission to help us all hit reset with her new book The Judgment Detox. Here she shares tips on how to pack light.

Recognize How Judgmental You Are
Yes, we are all judgmental. The first step to the judgment detox is to simply witness your judgment without judgment. When you start to track your judgments, ask yourself these four questions: 1) what or whom am I judging? 2) How does this judgment make me feel? 3) why do I feel justified make me feel? 4) what moment in my life triggered me to feel justified in this judgment?

Acknowledge We Are All Alike
Judging can instantly isolate us from everyone around us. Practicing the judgment detox has helped me with politics, big time. When we let our outrage get the best of us, then we become part of the problem. Separation and judgment has been at such an all time high. Having a President like Donald Trump has almost made it okay to come out with things that people otherwise would have felt uncomfortable saying. We need to amplify a conversation around healing that separation. With that much darkness, there has to come light. The moment separation is healed, we can dissolve our judgment. Think about how you show up in the world. We have to ask ourselves. “What is the energy that I bring to the moment-to-moment situations in my life?”

Have Compassion for Women Still Wandering
Right now more than ever, women cannot judge other women. We must come together. We have to have a lot of compassion for the women that are voting for a pedophile, Because any woman that has it in her to vote for someone like Donald Trump or Roy Moore, obviously has a core wound that pretty much says, “I’m not good enough and I’m willing to take it.”  We can’t look at them with disdain; we have to look at them with compassion.

Face Your Family Dynamics
Often the people that trigger us the most are our parents. They push our buttons the most because sometimes they’re the ones that put them there. Not to be blamed, but these are the people that were meant to care for us, and if they had missteps along the way, that is a traumatic event for anyone. When we have those core wounds that we may or may not have worked on, when those core wounds are triggered, they will be triggered most by the people who placed them there. Commit to witness and heal that judgment.

Learn more of Gabrielle’s six-step process in her new book The Judgment Detox.