11 Meaningful Self-Care Moments To Try Right Now

Easy ways to enjoy a glorious moment of solo self-care before the summer ends.

Lauren Porter Aug, 25, 2017

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Nothing beats perusing the aisle of your favorite book store. Pack a snack, grab a latte and make it a day surrounded by great literature of all genres. Pick up a few great reads that stimulate your mind to last all throughout the fall.

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On a early weekend morning, head out to your local farmer's market or community garden. Pick out a few blooms that make you smile and build your very own bouquet. The small treat will be something to put a smile on your face with each glance during the week and it'll totally be worth it.

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Girl, no one knows you better than you so pack up a picnic and take yourself out on date! Hit your local park on a beautiful afternoon, take a great book or an assortment of your favorite magazines and just enjoy.

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Everyone needs and wants a little TLC and a day spent pampering yourself is always the right idea.

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Getting your exercise on will always increase your mood!

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There is nothing like the fresh summer breeze on a nice day blowing across your face. Hang out on a local bench and enjoy the warm air! Put in your headphones on a playlist that perfectly reflects your mood and just zone out.

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Ending the summer on a high note, master the art of a great meal. Go to a cooking class and learn how to make a meal just for 1 and save the recipe for the days you want to indulge in something nice.

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Fill up the gas tank and hit the road! Turn on your favorite tunes, talk to yourself (or a high power) and come up with a master plan. You never know where that drive on the open road could take you--literally and figuratively!

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Didn't bask in the summer vibe as much as you wanted to? Book a weekend stay at a local hotel and indulge in the amenities. Dine in the restaurant, enjoy a spa package, sip on a cocktail poolside. Who says you have to leave your city to have a vacation to remember?

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Some may call it weird but heading out to the matinee all alone is always a solid plan.

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Get those endorphins flowing by taking a stroll through your local neighborhood or park. Track how far you walk and congratulate yourself with each and every step!