9 Simple Ways To Bring A Little Light Into Your Life After Trump's Dark Win

We've got a long four years ahead of us and with the news setting in that Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States of America, we need all of the self-care we can get today. Here are nine easy ways to calm your soul and ease your mind.

Lauren Porter Nov, 09, 2016

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It's always ok to cry, sis. Go ahead and let it out. When you've exhausted all your tears, dust yourself off and get ready to face a new day.

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Exfoliate and exhale, you deserve it. Light some candles, run some warm water and fill your tub with bubbles. Let a good soak work some magic on you today.

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Being in the kitchen is theraputic for some and there is no better time like the present than to clank around some pots and pans. Make yourself a good hearty meal tonight whether it's your favorte dish, a family recipe or experiment by trying something new.

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Rid yourself of all your dead skin with a good facial. With either a scrub or a mask, treat yourself with a good exfoiliant for a well-deserved glow. 

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There is nothing like a good book. Pick up a read you've been putting off or explore a new book release. 

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A dance party is always the ultimate treat. Check out our post Trump presidential win playlist and have your spirits lifted with some premium jams. 

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All of election season was tough and we all deserve something special. Big or small, whatever it is, girl treat yourself!

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Pour your self a glass or put a straw in the bottle, whichever one works for you is a good idea. 

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Call on the sister-friend you can always rely on. Share affirmations and let your spirits be at ease with words of encouragement from each other. We all need it on a day like today.