We’ve had several pleasant surprises from our faves so far this year. Top of the list has to be when NFL player Jonathan Owens proposed to Simone Biles on Valentine’s Day. The two were still on cloud nine a month later as they traveled to Turks and Caicos to celebrate her 25th birthday. 

The 26-year-old Houston Texans player penned the sweetest message to his future wife under a gallery of photos of them during the trip.

“Want to wish my beautiful fiancée a happy birthday!!!” he wrote. “What’s a better place to bring it in than paradise. Looking forward to making endless memories with you on this journey of life together, everything happens for a reason and it’s obvious we were made for each other. Here’s to your best birthday yet, and we just getting started!!!! More surprises to come. I love you more than you would ever know baby.”

Since arriving on the islands, the two have been living their best, cutest, off-season lives. That means a lot of lounging around in swimwear, dressing up for dinner, walking hand in hand on the beach, and being cuddled up.

Their engagement news flooded our timelines in February. Biles has already said yes to a couple of dresses (she got two) and during a recent conversation, the couple revealed that they plan to have a beach wedding. It didn’t end there though, as the athletes also talked family planning. They are busy building their first home and are still on the fence about whether to have a “football team of kids” as Owens puts it, or just stick with two per Biles’ request. 

The couple started dating in spring of 2020 and seem like a perfect match considering their similar career paths in sports. We are looking forward to seeing many more celebrations from this couple, as it’s beautiful to see Black people love out loud.