She Knows Now Creator Tiffany Hardin Launches a Media Platform to Empower Women
She Knows Now
In a world of social media show offs and reality TV, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s just for show. Enter Tiffany Hardin, a 20-something media strategist with a vision to help women be their most authentic selves by adding some truths to our digital diets. “I wanted to promote positive images of women in media, especially on Instagram,” says Hardin. “I realized that for today’s day and age, somewhere between selfies and pictures of shoes and pictures of your food, maybe you can share some insight and see other women that you may want to look up and learn more about.” Thus, Hardin developed She Knows Now, a digital platform for women to share what they know for sure about life, relationships and careers. The aim is to promote positive images of women in media, especially for a generation living with reality TV and social media pressures. “I felt like with reality TV shows—especially ones that thrive on the insecurities of women—do a lot of damage to how women are being perceived. It’s not a true story, a whole story. I just wanted to inject a little bit of positivity.” Hardin developed She Knows Now to be an interactive space where anyone and everyone can share their and be inspired by women they may not be able to meet in person. Through the site, users can purchase prints and merchandise to stay motivated offline. Plus, companies and organizations can host She Knows Now empowerment workshops to celebrate the influential women in their workplace. “I know that there are times where it matters that somebody is looking to hear someone’s voice. I want to know what you know and I’m sure a lot of other people do to,” Hardin explains. “This is a testament to what you know for sure. Because you went through that thing or experienced that thing, now you know and you can teach others.” Through She Knows Now, Hardin hopes the world will get a little smaller, a lot more honest and much more connected “I think the biggest lie that we tell ourselves is that we’re alone,” Hardin says. “From She Knows Now, you can look at somebody who’s a CEO or you can look at someone who just started their internship. If they share something that connects with your spirit, you can know that you’re not alone in this world.” Follow She Knows Now on Twitter and Instagram to learn more and join the conversation.

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