10 Best Gifts To Give A Scorpio

Paul Zimmerman

Lauren Porter Oct, 23, 2017

For the Scorpio in your life who is passionate and brave, sensual and assertive, there are the perfect presents that’ll guarantee to make their day!


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Scorpios don't like being seen out and about without being cute. Even on her bad hair days, this hat will make sure the Scorpio in your life is always chic. 

available at Puma $50 Buy!

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Rainy days don't stop a Scorpio from shining and this gift will guarantee it. 

available at Kate Spade $38 Buy!

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A bright red leather bag is everything the Scorpio in your life will want and need!

available at J. Crew $128 Buy!

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Nothing will make a Scorpio happy than the warm wonderful scent of an amazing candle. This one will do just the trick. 

available at Nordstrom $50 Buy!

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This mug is all a Scorpio needs to sip from!

available at Etsy $15.39 Buy!

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For Scorpio's, it's all about the small and fun details so this gift is the perfect one to give. 

available at Kate Spade $68.00 Buy!

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Jazz up your Scorpio friend's beauty routine with this lipstick!

available at Sephora $19.00 Buy!

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Being cozy is all a Scorpio could ever want to be and this fleece set will help feel fashionable and fierce so it's perfect!

available at ASOS $45.00 Buy!

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Scorpio's are super sensual so this gift will be the perfect tongue and cheek gift for them to receive. 

available at Kelly Wearstler $295 Buy!

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A Scorpio's favorite room in their house is definitely the bedroom so make sure they have something nice, like this throw, to cuddle up with. 

available at Anthropologie $98 Buy!