These Black Girl Magic Stickers Will Give Your Planner Life
Photo Credit: Eeni

Congratulations, you’ve made a commitment to keeping your life organized by getting yourself a planner. From work projects and side hustles to special occasions and self-care time, your planner helps you to stay on top of everything that’s important to you. But let’s face it after a few weeks looking at those plain white pages can become boring and stale. You need a little something to make your daily schedule pop, and we’ve got just the thing.

Stickers may sound like kids’ games, but these days they are far from it. More and more adults are using vibrant sticker sets to help add a bit of fun to their normal routine. But why buy regular old stickers to help keep your planner organized?

We’ve searched high and low and found a few sticker sets from Black woman-owned businesses that are pure #BlackGirlMagic. Featuring Black women of all shades doing everything from being bosses to traveling the world in style, these stickers are perfect for giving your planner life. Trust us, you’ll want to buy them all, we did!

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