Pastor John Gray Leaves Hospital Following Life-Threatening Blood Clots: ‘This Bed Was Supposed To Be My End’
Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

New updates surrounding the health battle of Pastor John Gray have been shared and it looks like prayers for his healing have been answered. 

On Tuesday, the Relentless Church pastor and his wife, Aventer, shared a joint Instagram post with a photo of an empty hospital bed. The lengthy caption read, “The devil wanted me to die in this bed.”

“This bed was supposed to be my end,” the caption continued. “Pull the sheet over my head and wheel me to the morgue. This bed, where I entertained my deepest fears, regrets, and triumphs, was supposed to be the period-A life ended, but unfinished.”

“But GOD,” he added. “Glory! Hallelujah!” 

The latest details come just two weeks after the Greenville, South Carolina-based minister was admitted into the critical care unit for a life-threatening saddle pulmonary embolism, a large blood clot that typically gets stuck in the main pulmonary artery.

Gray concluded his caption, thanking his team of doctors, nurses, and cardiologists at the Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama for their work in his recuperation, and expressed gratitude that his hospital bed was “now a testimony.” 

“As I wave goodbye to this bed, I say GOD THANK YOU FOR SAVING AND SPARING MY LIFE! Yes, I have a long way to go, but I’m not dead-so that’s a great start,” he stated. 

On Sunday, Aventer reportedly told the Relentless Church congregation that her husband was making significant progress because of them.

“Your prayers touched heaven, and God is doing some miraculous things,” she told churchgoers. “There’s a long road ahead of us. I implore you to please maintain your prayer posture.”

While John has only begun his road to recovery, he is thanking his wife for her support and “supernatural strength & faith during this life or death moment.”

“I love you with all I have – and with all I have left,” he expressed.