7 Things To Know About Pastor Dwight, The Spiritual Advisor Everyone’s Swooning Over From ‘Married At First Sight’

I have a lot of thoughts about last night’s reunion episode of Married at First Sight and Chris and Paige revealing they tried to reconcile when the cameras cut off. However, there are more important matters to address from the episode, like why is Pastor Dwight so beautiful!? That was the sentiment many women took to Twitter with, especially after he kept it classy while his former advisee tried to provoke him into a fight and shouted expletives at him in the tackiest of manner. Thankfully, Pastor Dwight Buckner, Jr. wasn’t moved. He was there to speak his truth, and the truth, which is that while he loves Chris, he had to take a step back from him because he doesn’t like correction. Viewers applauded him for his maturity, and for telling Chris what he needed to hear, even though he couldn’t receive it. A number of viewers also weren’t ashamed to say they were giving pastor a lustful eye:

He is a beautiful man, indeed. However, there clearly is much more to Pastor Dwight than looks. We did some digging and learned these seven things about this man of God.

He’s very married.

Pastor Dwight is married to Elisa Buckner, and has been for almost 11 years. The couple share two sons together. After the shenanigans displayed by Chris during part one of the reunion this week, Elisa took to Instagram to laud her husband for keeping his composure.

“I couldn’t be more proud of @pastordwightbucknerjr !!” she wrote. “He could have let anger and temptation from a severely disturbed spirit embarrass his family and church community but he didn’t! He chose a higher road.”

We love to see it. The couple actually met in church back when he was a Sunday school teacher.

He’s a pastor pastor.

And by that (no shade by the way), I mean he is the lead pastor of a church, delivering sermons and interacting with a congregation. Pastor Dwight is the leader of Generation Of Hope Church in Decatur, Georgia. The house of worship is described as “A Christ-centered ministry impacting a generation of those lost, broken and hopeless; bringing restoration and fulfillment to their purpose in Christ Jesus.”

He really does give great advice about relationships.

This was clear from the conversation he had with Paige when she was going through it with Chris, but he also has provided advice to other couples through premarital counseling. He too still goes through marital counseling with his wife of more than a decade to continue to keep their union as strong as possible.

He offers great insights that relate to Millennials of today and recently shared them during a conversation with vlogger Christal of Reality Check.

“One of the worst things you can do is date somebody because you’re insecure. You have to know who you are,” he said during the visit. “Because if you date somebody because you’re insecure, now you’ve given them license to manipulate you, you’ve given them license to take advantage of you, you’ve given them license to run over you because they know that. But when you run into somebody who’s overly confident in who they are — not cocky but overly confident, knows what God has called them to do, you can’t shake them because whether you stay or go, they’re still going to move forward in their purpose.”

He Met Chris Through a Mutual Friend and Bonded With His Family

“I came to know Chris through a mutual friend and his mutual friend introduced me actually to his grandmother who’s a pastor. I actually had the privilege to preach for her many many years ago,” he told Christal. “Great, phenomenal woman of God. Great family of preachers.”

Of course, Chris shared that he used to be a preacher like his father and family members, but he left the pulpit and got into business because preaching didn’t provide what he was looking for financially. Now he’s out here buying his allegedly pregnant exes luxury vehicles and cursing out pastors on television.

He’s Not Looking for Fame for the Record

The chance to appear on the show came to him, but Pastor Dwight says he didn’t seek out a chance to be on TV. “Once I accepted it, doors kept opening and I kept taking them,” he said.

He’s grateful for the opportunity though and says it’s a benefit to him to be able to provide encouragement and “be a light” to people.

TikTok is His Biggest Platform

No, he’s not dancing. According to Pastor Dwight, he has a good following on the social media platform delivering the Word.

“I do services on TikTok. I said when I joined TikTok I wasn’t going to do none of that,” he said of joining in on dancing challenges.

He does Bible studies at 10:15 a.m. on Saturdays and 11 a.m. on Tuesdays on the app. He talks for an hour and a half and gets about 200 people each time.

“I minister the word and I’m gone,” he said. No dancing, no nothin’, just the Word.”

He Has a Book on the Way

Why not use the public exposure to take your message further, right? Pastor Dwight has a book coming out soon that’s available for pre-order called 5 Things Every Man Needs. While it sounds like a book to help men get their lives together, it actually seems to be more tailored to helping the ladies understand them better. The book description reads, “Relationships can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand your partner. Many women are left wondering how do you connect with a difficult man, establish intimacy with a non-communicator, and rebuild trust in your relationship after it’s been torn down? Dwight answers these and other questions in this book by providing insight into how men think, feel, and what motivates their actions. This book is a game-changer for couples that will transform your relationship forever.” Get the inside scoop from you new favorite pastor for only $18.99.


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