Video Documentary Captures Mother and Daughter Relationships
The Anita Claire Project

As we celebrate our mothers this weekend, we’re reminded of the special bonds between mothers and daughter. A recent study from the University of Georgia found that the mother-daughter relationship determines a girl’s future relationship skills and self-esteem. That’s exactly what journalist and photographer, Kendra A. Kabasele had in mind when she launched a documentary focused on mother-daughter relationships.

When Kabasele lost her mother in 2013, she developed a coping mechanism for her grief by exploring the powerful innate bond between mothers and daughters. On Mother’s Day of 2014, she decided to honor her mother by launching The Anita Claire Project, where she documented the mother/daughter relationships of various people. Since then, the on-going project has taken on a life of its own and has made a significant impact in her life and several others, as well as the subjects of the series.

“I’ve worked in photography for over 10 years and decided to get behind the camera to capture moments and memories for other mothers and daughters,” says Kabasele. “The bond between a mother and her daughter is indescribable. There is something intangible yet simultaneously palpable in the connection experienced and witnessed between mothers and daughters.”

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