Vacations are for meant to be fun—not stressful. Sometimes, when you’re traveling with your kids, the challenge is how to avoid packing everything but the kitchen sink. Here are some travel essential for kids that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve left anything behind:


Each one of my kids travels with their own backpack. Inside, they each have their “travel survival kits” that allow them to self-soothe and entertain during short or long trips. Tip: Let them pack their own bag. You can assist them but this way they know exactly what’s inside and where it is.


You can never have enough snacks. This is not the time to try anything new, but definitely a time to stash their favorite munchies!

Electronic Devices

Fully charged smartphones, e-readers, and tablets are your best friends! It helps that these also serve as cameras to capture the moments.

Extra clothes

Accidents happen. If the season permits, throw in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. They don’t take up much space. We also keep a cardigan and poncho handy for any fluctuation in temperature or weather.

A few things you want to avoid are:

Delays: Have everyone’s important documents (like birth certificates for the little ones) readily available in one place.

Ear pain (from cabin pressure): Be ready with a baby bottle, gum or hard candy.

Getting separated from your child and not having a plan: Snap a pic of your child and what they’re wearing that day, and designate a meeting place if this happens.

The good thing is, vacation brings out the best in everyone. So, having fun should be pretty easy! The best thing to do is just make your travel plans, start your journey and learn from your experiences!


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