Chic Busy Mom’s Candace Montgomery gives you a few clues as to when it may be time to book those tickets, pack those bags and hit the road for a family vacation. 

1. The vacation days you normally don’t have time to take are calling your name.

2. When the kids take their socks off, their feet are three shades lighter than the rest of their body.

3. There are beach buckets and pails adding up by the door.

4. In the past two weeks, you’ve been asked about Martha’s Vineyard, Puerto Rico, Walt Disney World and St. Lucia at least seven times.

5. You are starting to click on the spam travel emails you normally delete.

6. You go shopping and instead of buying boots, you are drawn to the bathing suit sale rack.

7. You are adding more leafy greens and water to your diet so you can fit into the bathing suit from #6.

8. You bought a few Soul Cycle classes not because you like to torture yourself but because of #6.

9. The only photos you like on Instagram are ones with sun, blue skies and beaches.

10. If you haven’t seen the sun for more than five seconds in months and you are over it!

Calgon, take me away? Who is ready for a vacation? Where are you going? Tell me all about your summer plans.