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I was 11 or 12 years old when Obama was first elected president. I was 2 years old when President Obama won. 5, I was 5 years old. I was 4. I wasn't born yet when Obama was first elected. [MUSIC] It was exciting. I remember that my whole family really wanted him to win. And when we found out that he did, we all were excited and my mum cried and my grandma cried.>> I remember everybody talking about the first black president. Wow.>> It's like an opportunity, only one more step for black people to get to being equal. I will say I'm proud of president Obama, because he accomplished so many things. I think seeing a black family in the White House gave my family like hope that people would see people that look like us in such a positive light like being in the White House They set standards, they set trends, because now not only do black people have more power and feel like they can actually make a change, but it was the first. And it gives other people hope to maybe feel that as well. I was kind of upset he couldn't be elected anymore. Everyone in my family really wanted Barack Obama to stay as president because he really let people follow their dreams. Now, because of him and what he did for our country, and the black people. I feel like I have a better chance of becoming the first black Latina president. I would just say thank you. I would just want them to know they made a real difference. And they truly impact the people's lives. I would want to thank them for setting the standard for the black people, the black youth, and everybody around America. It makes you feel like To the big world I exist, you know. [SOUND]

WATCH: Confused 5-Year-Old Wants To Know Where Barack Obama Went

You have to watch this series of videos from an adorable 5-year-old girl who has some serious questions for her mother about former President Barack Obama. 


This article originally appeared on People. 

A five-year-old girl had some serious questions for her mother.

In an adorable series of Instagram videos that her mother posted online, Taylor peppered her mom with questions about politics, beginning with, “Where did Barack Obama go?”

Her mother wrote in the caption, “This all started because she wanted to know, Where did Barack Obama go? And where is the president’s house. She is still mad.”

“Why do we have another president?” Taylor kept asking. “So, why did he go? Where did he go? So, why do we have the president we have now at the same spot [Obama] was and why did he leave it anyway?”

Her mother gave Taylor a patient response. “Because a president can only serve two terms…”

Part 2 😂

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Taylor wasn’t easily convinced.

“But, how come Hillary [Clinton] did not get to be the president and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?” the little girl asked.

“They get to be the president of the United States,” her mother said.

After her mother explained to her that it was Donald Trump who lived in the White House, Taylor threw her hands in the air and cried, “But why does he have to live there?”

“Where do you want him to live?” her mother asked.

“I want him to live somewhere else,” Taylor said. “I don’t want him living in Texas!”