Nicki Minaj’s Mom Carol Maraj on How She Raised a Superstar

In her own words, Nicki Minaj’s mother Carol Maraj shares how she encouraged her daughter’s gifts and how the superstar rapper is an inspiration to her own life. 

We are very different, myself and Nicki. I’m more subtle.

I first saw her talent when she was a teenager. She used to freestyle, make up her own words, and do all of that stuff in a short space of time. That’s when I knew that she had a gift. If I had my way, she’d be singing gospel or something, but I wanted her to be whatever she wanted to be. I support her in whatever she would like to be.

I always tell my children to persevere. If they keep pressing toward what they want, it’s going to happen. A superstar needs to be in touch with their gifts. There’s also a certain measure of humility that they must keep as they go forward.

Nicki has taught me to be a good business woman. I’m always looking to her.

The world calls her a superstar. She’s Onika to me. She’ll always be my Onika, but there are times when I look at her and I say to myself, “Wow. She really is a superstar.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Carol Maraj Foundation was recently honored by Dress for Success for helping battered women, specifically mothers, escape domestic violence situations and rebuild their lives.

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