Need Vitamin D, Will Travel

Bye bye winter, vacation here we come.

Chic Busy Mom Jan, 30, 2014

I went to visit my doctor today to follow up on some blood work that was done a few weeks ago. She said I was Vitamin D deficient. I had already known that and had read a bit to understand a lot of women in more metropolitan areas have this deficiency. Makes sense more tall buildings = less sunlight. Also, women of color require more Vitamin D because our skin acts as a barrier of sorts. Whatever, I thought and basically blew it off.

Today, I however was made to pay attention. My deficiencies are less than half of where they should be for me. Lack of vitamin D can lead to memory loss, lack of energy and aches and pains to name a few. Damn, I was three for three. Not good. She prescribed 50,000 mg supplement and sent me on my way. I’m going to obey doctors orders and pay attention to my 40-year-old bad self.

It’s the only body I have right? That said, as soon as I’m finished here I’m headed online in search of nice warm place to soak up some Vitamin D rays with the fam. Bye bye winter, vacation here we come…