Mom Writes Cute Song For Daughter After Potty Training Struggle
YouTube/Stacia D. Wright

Parents everywhere know just how tough potty training can be, but one mom managed to turn things around a bit with an adorable song for her daughter. 

According to The Huffington Post, radio host and producer Stacia D. Wright was starting to lose it while potty training her daughter before she came up with the perfect trick.

“This potty training has made me delirious I think….so my trainee and I made up this new random silly potty song—and she loves it!,” she wrote, “Now only if she would actually follow the instruction.”

The video of the duo singing, “Poo poo in the potty” seems to have resonated with parents and those currently struggling with potty training. So far, the video has reached over 1 million views.

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Wright has also shared the video on YouTube, writing a follow-up, “So I decided to post it to YouTube after allHope it helps some poor desperate parent out there like me! Lol”

Good luck to all those potty training parents out there,. W hope this adorable song helps your little ones!

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