Mom: June Ambrose (@juneambrose) Age: 47 Children: Chance, 17 and Summer, 14 Homebase: NYC Profession: Costume Designer – Creative Director – Author of Effortless Style (Simon & Schuster) Fave Guilty Pleasure: Dancing! You can either cry, or you can dance. I’d rather dance. It’s a sense of freedom. (We love watching June’s infamous dance breaks on social media.) What’s the most rewarding part of motherhood? I am aiding in raising two responsible citizens, two loving human beings who will go on to be great members of the community. Seeing how thoughtful they are to others, that is rewarding. Because that to me feels like it’s a true extension of myself and their dad. What are some challenging aspects of being a mom? It’s not easy. You’re not going to always love the experience of motherhood. There are going to be days when you feel frustrated. You have to be able to say, This is how I feel, I’m not going to apologize. I want to scream. I’m tired. Or, My kid hurt my feelings. How do I recover from that? How do I respond to it in the midst of a conflict? It gets tricky. You just finished a historic world tour with Jay Z and Beyonce. Your children are exposed to people, places and things that the average teen isn’t. How do you keep them grounded? They have known these two mega celebrities since they were born. For them, [Jay Z and Beyonce] are two hardworking people who are raising their kids like I raise them. Plus when you’re so close to it you kinda see the realness of it. You admire them but you’re less of this fan who doesn’t have context. You become family. What is your definition of a rock mom? A mom who is powerful and unapologetic. She is sexy and provocative. She’s the CEO of her home. She’s not going to follow all of the rules. I want moms to be able to say, “We come first.” What’s the saying? Give yourself oxygen before you try to give oxygen to the person next to you. I think as moms we want more now. We want more, we require more, we demand more. What style tips do you have for moms who want to spruce up their look while working, taking care of the kids, maintaining a relationship, etc.? Condense your wardrobe. You don’t need things you’re going to get into emotional fights with when you’re pressed for time. You should have a section in your closet labeled, “I’m in a rush”.  Your favorite leggings, ballet slippers, a blazer and a tee shirt. Style it out. My look on the road was very much leggings, loafers and an oversized sweatshirt. I wanted to be fabulous but functional. Have your solid core pieces that you can mix and match and build around that. Kimonos are super glamorous and comfortable. You can pair it with your little black dress and pumps for date night. You can also wear it with leggings. You don’t have to look like someone dragged you from under a mattress. How can mothers support each other? We need to be sympathetic to each other. They say it takes a village and it does. I love when I see pregnant women. I’m like you look beautiful, how are you feeling? How are you holding up? It’s the check-in; it’s the little things that are important. Like when someone volunteers to run an errand for you — that’s what I mean when I talk about the village. You don’t have to feel like the journey of raising your children is something to go through alone. There are other moms who have the same struggles, concerns, anxieties, hopes and dreams. June’s Must-Have Item for Other Rock Moms on the Go
#Rockmom Bomb Crew Neck
This fun top is perfect to sport while running errands, during school pick-ups and drop-offs or grabbing a latte with the girls. #Rockmom Bomb Crew Neck, $55, A family that yachts together, stays together. June strikes a pose with daughter Summer who has been attending fashion shows with her mom since she was 3. Voting in the midterm elections is a family affair for June and her two teens. Chance and Summer joining their mom in Paris during the OTR II Tour last summer. The Mona Lisa and June hanging out at the Louvre. caption: Sibling Love: Keeping Summer and Chance grounded is a priority to their mom, June. Squeezing in alone time while being a mother is a must for this busy mom. caption: As a vegan, June enjoys whipping up healthy meals for her family. Here, vegetable fried brown rice for the win! caption: Happy Holidays from June and her crew. caption: June’s uber-busy lifestyle often means her kids are on the move with her. As one of the most respected fashion stylists in the entertainment industry, June has worked with A-listers from Mary J. Blige (who she’s pictured with here) to Sean “Diddy” Combs to Kerry Washington.      

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