International model turned columnist Erickka Sy Savane is the creator of The Brew, a left-leaning social commentary blog geared towards today’s African-American mom. She also writes a daily mom column for MadameNoire called Pop Mom Daily.

What is your primary goal as a mom?

My primary goal is to guide my children and instill in them values and a work ethic that will hopefully carry them through a lifetime.

What is your biggest goal for your child/children?

I don’t know if I have a goal for my kids, but I do have a wish. I wish for them to be happy, kind, creative, successful, and fully expressed people.

How does your career factor into your mommy-hood? When my kids see me working they get a glimpse of what it takes to achieve success. It’s also helpful for moms to have something for themselves, outside of being a mom. Careers can provide that.

How do you create balance between being a career woman and being a mom?

I create balance by trying to be aware of times when I can’t put my phone down. Sometimes work is like a drug and it’s hard to unplug. In those moments, my balance is simply putting my phone away.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve gotten or learned?

Sleep often! I can tell when I need more rest because I get extremely irritable and some of the things that my daughters do irritate me more than usual. Usually, a bit of rest takes away my grumpiness.

Are you aware of any goals that your mom had for you?

If my mom had any goals for me she never said so. I assume that her goal for me was to be happy. And that has been achieved.

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