The summer usually marks the time when everyone peels off the layers and heads to the beach or pool. I’ am currently doing the exact opposite. I lost 17lbs between November and February, but I’ve successfully put a good portion of it back on due to stress at work and just being lazy. I’m not proud of it and the thing I find most troubling about the weight is its location my belly.

I don’t really gain that much weight anywhere else, and since I’m fairly tall, most often I’m able to hide it with clothing. Of course, I know good and well what I look like under my clothes, and frankly it pisses me off. I don’t have low self-esteem and I don’t practice in self-deprecating behavior. I do, however, get sick of seeing the steady stream of women who’ve had children and look stick thin two months after giving birth. I know these celebs have trainers, chefs and the like but that doesn’t help the regular folks, like me, who are two cheeseburgers away from things going left (extreme joking, but you get the point). I am not making excuses, but I am human and this summer is giving me the weight blues.

I had my first child at 30, literally did nothing and lost all my weight. I had been thin (like Angelina, yes-that’s-my-collar-bone thin) all my life. I just assumed that was my look and I was actually looking forward to bigger boobs post baby (but that didn’t happen either). Boy did I have another thing coming. By the time baby number two came via C-section, my cute little natural pouch turned into the fanny pack that I now have to strategically hide with chic blousy tops. Between that and having fibroids, I now stick to coverage and illusion. I’m like the David Blaine for the body.

Truth be told, it’s best to get the baby weight off right after you’ve had the baby. It’s much harder to get weight off that’s been on you for some time. Also, if you were active pre-baby then your body has more snap back; and you can get back to your normal weight much faster.

Needless to say, when summer comes around, so do the beads of sweat at the mere thought of taking my kids to the beach and having to wear anything with Lycra in it. It doesn’t help that my husband has the metabolism of a 14-year-old and is cut up like deli sandwich. “Um boo, I’ll be over here in my Snuggie.” I am blessed and thankful to say he still thinks I’m beautiful the way I am.

Nonetheless, I’m embarking on another journey to lose 10 to 15lbs by the end of the year, again. I’m putting down the celeb weeklies with the airbrushed photos of post-baby celeb bodies (well not really, but now I’m just rolling my eyes at the pictures) and have reactivated my gym membership. I truly hope I can report back to you with good news, like that I’ve purchased three bodycon (who in the hell came up with this moniker?) dresses from Asos.

Does anyone else have belly issues and dread bathing suit season like me? Share what you’re doing to get the body and health you want. I could use your wisdom.



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