If you live in the NYC area, this week was your Spring Break. I wasn’t really ready to say the least, I recently gotten back from Jamaica and before I knew it, Spring Break was here.
The plan was to take the kids to Miami for a quick jaunt, but by the time I checked the airline rates it was $600-$900 for five people during Easter weekend. Clearly, this idea had to kick rocks and I had to find another solution. And there was only one problem… daddy couldn’t go anymore, yikes!!
If I may paint this picture for you, this means I would be traveling by myself with three children to whatever destination we chose. So, if the older one wants to do something the other two don’t want to do then what? Or if the baby has a full on meltdown and needs to go back to the hotel room for a nap then what? Yeah, pretty much sucks.
Think mommy, think. Ouila! I took the advice of Jovanca, another mommy warrior in my camp. We set out to investigate an advertised deal from Time Out Kids NY for Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland Park, NY (90 minutes outside of the city). The all inclusive kids resort was a no-brainer for me for the following reasons:
1. I would be with a bunch of other parents and children.
2. Any tantrums, pouting, crying etc. would be looked upon as the norm.
3. All inclusive for kids is a dream because let’s face it. Kids waste food. This would give them an opportunity to taste a bunch of things, eat what they like and eliminate me from thinking about the incremental cost.
Wrap it up with a bow — I was SOLD. Yes, this seemed to be something I could manage by myself and not go crazy.
I have one recommendation, book early during peak seasons. We could only get a few days because of spring break. The kids however had a great time swimming in the indoor water park, going to the petting zoo where they had camels, Highlander cows, zebras and donkeys. They played in the arcade and fun barn, bungee jumped, went on the horse trail and even the Easter egg hunt. I especially loved the $5 Cabernets that they serve to parents during the puppet show. It’s like they know what you are going through!
So… if you are in the market for a fun, affordable family weekend or a few kick-back days with the kids, check the Rocking Horse Ranch. Click the pictures to see our Spring Break flashback.

Awww, fun nonetheless. What did you do for Spring Break this year?

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