Whenever the holiday season hits, my anxiety around office potlucks, big dinners, endless cocktails and my ability to control myself mounts. I am constantly bombarded with food and drink and it’s nearly impossible to say no.

I don’t have a private chef to create custom meals for me, nor do I have a personal trainer at the ready to come sit with me 3-4 times a week with a workout plan. I’m just a regular girl with a fair amount of junk in her trunk and a little (or a lot of) extra lovin’ in the front. But let’s be clear: I’m no slouch (insert chic here).

I have become somewhat of an expert on body shapers (BS). I have tried many on the market and pushed even the best to their limits. My arsenal is extensive, there are ones for smoothing, ones for maximum hold and ones for just keeping everything in its place. My Weapons of Mass Reduction are  what will get me through the holidays.

I personally like the TC Shapewear brand, which you can get at major department stores. However, when I’m really serious about my ‘BS’ game, I take a trip downtown to the Lower East Side and get me a good old-fashioned suck-the-life-out-of-you corset. The Corset Shop on Orchard Street on the LES doesn’t bother with any fancy shop shenanigans (there are no chandeliers and pretty photos of scantily clad women here). It’s just you, the shop owner, her measuring tape, and her husband who passes her the goods for you to try on. It’s like that soup episode from “Seinfeld.”

Anyway, I decided to ask a few of my ladyfriends what body shaper they were going to rely on this Thanksgiving (the one that will win the fight over that 2nd plate of food) in particular. Here are the few that rose to the top of the crock pot and a few notes to go with:

1. Flexees - Said to be ‘lightweight and cost effective.’

2. Yummy Tummy - ‘They hold you in, but feel like casual wear.’

3.  The Body Wrap - Said to be comfortable enough to be worn every day. Provides a smooth not choppy muffin-top look.

4. Spanx High Power - Not to be confused with regular Spanx (which everyone says roll down, and I concur).

5. Hourglass Angel - This is my friend’s ‘go-to’ undergarment when she wants to turn it up a notch for a fabulous dress.

I hadn’t heard of numbers 3 and 5, so I plan on checking them out for my own bad self. Anyway, as you are getting yourselves ready for your dinners and parties, be sure to put on the right undergarments for a good smooth look and nice firm hold.

Lastly, if you take one thing from this post please take this: A SAUSAGE DRESS LOOK IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Be comfortable, be sexy and be flirty but please put on the right undergarments. For you and the sake of your guests. Your pictures will thank you.

And when it’s all said and done, get back on the horse that is your diet (because most of us have one) and get focused once again. A new year is coming and a new body awaits.

Enjoy your holiday, your family and all that glorious food (in moderation, of course) and I’ll chat with you next week.

P.S. If you have a favorite ‘BS’, I would love to hear about it.

-Smooches Hot Chicks


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