Last night when I got home, I had no less than four sheets of paper from my son’s take-home folder to read and respond to. My daughter also had her take-home sheet with a homework sheet attached, and the baby had his own take-home sheet as well.

This does not include my 8-year-old son’s class blog that I have to read so I can keep up with what’s happening (P.S. Dear School, feel free to post YouTube tutorials on said blog for this new math you are teaching because no matter how hard I try I still want to carry the damn 1!), or the five listservs I belong to (one for each of them plus 2 for the schools). That right there is a lot of Kommunication to keep up with (in a day there are no less than 5-10 emails from each of those listservs — INSANITY! Those Kardashians don’t have anything on me.

You can imagine what this is a setup up for. It’s what I call a #mommyfail moment. What is that, you ask? A mommy fail moment is when you think you’re giving it your best shot and then all of a sudden you get that womp womp wake up call. For example, as it relates to email, you try to skim everything, but you inevitably miss a notice for a potluck, school trip, meeting, school closing or something like that. You are THAT mom who brings your kids to school on a day off for teacher training (you get it now? #mommyfail).

I have tried to organize the emails so they all go to one place and check them periodically, but it’s so much! My husband and I try to back each other up, but seriously, it’s a full-time job.

I even made Excel spreadsheets that highlight all the kids’ weekly activities, snack duty (2x a year where I have to spend $75 a pop for weekly snacks — go ahead you can say ‘Ouch!’ I know I do) and holidays, but alas, it’s still not enough.

I find myself going through all the emails every night and every morning, and sending myself reminders to respond/fill out/pay for things. I’m not perfect, but I do give it a good effort. I wish there were an intelligent app that could sort the emails by priority and add things automatically to my calendar. You know, the mommy app (Note to self ,research that).

Chicbusymoms, I need help. Do your kids have a lot of email/paper coming home? What’s your strategy for Keeping up with the Kommunication? I would love to know.


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