Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to book that family vacation you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

But, before you head to the beach or some other fun-filled destination, be sure to pack products that will keep your family feeling and looking good.

Hand Sanitizer

Various modes of public transportation, including their hubs are teeming with pesky germs. Keep them at bay by washing hands frequently or using on-the-go disinfecting gels when restrooms aren’t available. Bath & Body Works offers a wide variety of antibacterial hand gels that can be tossed into purses or bags for easy access. Plus, with over 65 offerings you’re sure to find sweet kid-friendly scents, masculine smells or even fragrance-free options.

Travel Size Hair Products

Who hasn’t grabbed their belongings from baggage claim, only to be met with the dreaded smell of your favorite shampoo or conditioner that’s apparently exploded in your suitcase? I definitely have, which is why I only pack travel size hair products that won’t get punctured or accidentally opened while traveling. Plus, those hotel brand hair products are a no-go for me. Luckily, Mixed Chicks’ has a miniature leave-in conditioner that makes my natural curls soft and manageable. They also have an entire line for kids that come in convenient travel sizes too.

Soft Skin Remedy

Traveling can wreak havoc on skin. Dry airplanes and stale hotel room can leave skin looking and feeling dull. My family and I avoid rough, parched skin by lathering on Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The colloidal oatmeal-based moisturizer soothes and nourishes skin without the greasiness. Plus, it’s fragrance-free so even the guys in your family can use it liberally.

Multi-Purpose Wonder

Consolidating is essential to packing efficiently. So, packing a product that can serve multiple purposes is always a plus. That’s why Vaseline travel size jars are a mainstay in my makeup bag and carry-on. The versatile household item doesn’t clog pores so it can serve as a makeup remover for mom, lip balm for dad (during those dry air flights) or can be used to help protect kids’ inevitable minor cuts and scrapes.

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