Six Things Having Bad Credit Could Ruin For You

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The simple ways that your credit score can impact your everyday life might surprise you.

Mariya Moseley Mar, 13, 2017

Experts at share six ways that your credit can impact things like employment, housing and even your dating life. “Credit is pretty abstract…but If you tie it to actual areas with real consequences then it starts becoming more concrete.,“ says Michael Osakwe, financial expert. 

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It depends on who you’re talking to, but for a handful of people, credit health does matter when they’re looking at long-term romantic or business partnerships. A lot of people become more credit-oriented when they’re dating and their finances can influence their perspective on a potential partner.

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Although banks typically look at your banking history at other institutions, some banks will decide to evaluate your credit reports in addition to (or instead of) your banking history. You’ll want to be prepared and know what’s on your credit reports before you try to open a new bank account.

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