Professional artist Tiffanie Anderson has created art for celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Russell Simmons, Jason Derulo, Young Thug, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna, but she wasn’t always on top.

Find out more about her journey and how she discovered her true passion and turned her life around.

Full Name: Tiffanie Anderson

Age: 28

Title: Celebrity Painter/ Professional Artist

Location: Los Angeles, California

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

The Gig: A professional artist who creates paintings made out of crushed broken glass.

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Finding her passion: I started painting when I was 20 and a year later, I quit singing and made art my career. You never know what you’re good at until you try it. It wasn’t like I’d been doing it since I was a kid or went to school for it. I just didn’t know I had the talent. My grandparents were fine artists, so I’m assuming that I got the skill through genetics.

Humble Beginnings: Once I made art my full-time job, I had no money and I was really poor. My parents didn’t understand why I was doing this, so they said to get a real job or go. So I left and it got to the point where I had to choose ‘do I buy a canvas or do I buy food?’ I definitely had some devastating moments choosing to be an artist but I knew this is what GOD wanted me to do.

Standing out from the rest: I came up with the idea of making art out of broken glass and I could’t find any artist who was doing it at the time. It took me two years to come up with a formula to make it work. I used crushed glass to create an image and that’s my main thing that nobody knows how to do.

Painting for celebrities: I’m grateful that having celebrity clients has had a domino effect. I’ll do something for one celebrity and they’ll be like ‘who did this?’

Her advice for starving artists, specifically Black women: Whatever you do for a living, whenever you come up with an idea and put 100 percent into that, you eliminate the stereotypes. When you work really hard, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Her vision for the future: My vision is to continue to be an artist and never go back to struggling. I want to be one of the well-known artists of my time.

Her superpower: Envisioning something in my head and making it tangible so that other people can see what was in my head.

Her theme song: I’m So Proud” by Drake or “Congratulations” by Young Malone.