ESSENCE Network: Candace L. Randle, D.C. Power Player

Joey Nuique

 Asking Santa for a briefcase was a sign that Candace L. Randle was destined for success. The presidential campaign writer turned corporate communication director shares her career gems for discovering your own power.

Charreah K. Jackson May, 22, 2014

Asking Santa for a briefcase was a sign that Candace L. Randle was destined for success from a very young age. After working on presidential campaigns for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Randle now manages corporate communications for Robert L. Johnson’s multi-million dollar portfolio. The master communicator shares her journey and career gems for discovering your own power.

Name: Candace L. Randle

Age: 35

Occupation: Director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs for The RLJ Companies

Location: Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Camden, Arkansas

Linkedin: Candace L. Randle

The gig: I have the opportunity to work for and promote our chairman Robert L. Johnson (founder of BET). I promote his business and social initiatives such as the RLJ Rule, which addresses minority unemployment. There are several female executives within the company and I’m fortunate to have a seat among a talented group of women. I’m also an editor of the Arkansas-based publication, PowerPlay Magazine, which focuses on the achievement of African American professionals within the state.

The journey: I have always enjoyed writing and politics. I previously served as an aide to U.S. Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas and worked in the communications department for Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe. My first job after college was a position with Al Gore’s presidential campaign, where I was one of three campaign brief writers for Vice President Al Gore.

Her best advice: Allow your personal strengths to shine. I used to downplay my achievements, but I’ve learned to trust myself more and understand that my career path is uniquely my own.

Confessions of a D.C. shotcaller: I’m empowered to see successful Black women held in high regard among their industry, yet there are still too few of us in the room. Being in a position to bring other young women, especially women of color, into the fold is something that I find rewarding.

Her time saving tip: I make a “To Do” list every morning when I arrive to the office. It’s a process that I’ve used regularly since college, but I find that it especially helps me to stay organized and work efficiently.

Her career milestone: My biggest accomplishment was making the decision to relocate to Washington to work for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2008. Following the campaign, I worked in the United States Senate and was brought on at RLJ soon after.

Her network tip: Keep in regular contact with the people you meet and always put your best self forward. You never know when your paths will cross again.

Her childhood career dream: As a kid, I always knew I wanted a professional career and actually asked Santa for a briefcase. In sixth grade, I set my mind on becoming a lawyer. I was a member of the school’s debate team and became captain in my senior year. I wouldn’t change anything about the path my career journey has taken me.

Her stress relievers: Regular workouts and yoga help me stay focused throughout the day. I’m usually not a stressed person and find that I work very well under pressure. I jumpstart my weekdays with an early morning workout followed by a series of morning news—get fit and get informed for the day ahead. I usually unplug over the weekends by visiting art galleries, yoga and trying new restaurants around D.C.

Student loan status: Although I received a full scholarship for my undergraduate studies, I decided to use student loans for graduate school. I still consider it a financial investment in myself and the future that I want for myself.

Her tech must-haves:  I’m obsessed with my Windows 8 phone and its Microsoft office apps. I’m able to create entire presentations or media statements in Word, PowerPoint or as a PDF from the convenience of my phone. I’m also a huge fan of the Weight Watchers app, which allows me to track my food and fitness routines.

Her beauty bag: The Multiple by NARS and it does everything. I was introduced to the line of products by an incredible beauty artist and friend Valentin of

Her power style accessory: I have these amazing gold cuff bracelets that I pair with nearly every outfit. I’ve had them for years and feel like Wonder Woman every time I wear them.

Her theme song: “Grown Woman” by Beyoncé.

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