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I am Janell Stevens, mom-preneur, mother of five, creator and founder of Camille Rose Naturals, and our products can be found at Walmart. [MUSIC] When Walmart reached out to our brand, it just took us to the next level. My production increased, I was pretty much ordering 1,000 of each product, now we have hundreds of thousands. Partnering with a retail giant like Walmart and watching our brand grow I definitely had to hire more employees, it was so exciting. Camille Rose is definitely A lifestyle brand. A total wellness brand. We live the natural way. [MUSIC] I am a mompreneur. I am busy. And every minute of my day is accounted for. It doesn't really seem like a lot. Because it's enjoyable. I started the brand because unfortunately my kids had skin problems like sever eczema. Nothing that I bought on the shelves and stores worked for them. I remember having mini conversations with my husband and I just told him, I said, I'm gonna make everything myself. My kitchen became my lab. I was so excited, I called my husband and I told him to look, this cream that I made, their eczema is gone! I just continued to make it, I threw up a website and people started ordering. When I first started, it was basically me and a friend, just Bottling with a Ziploc bag full of products. We're just so excited because we see the growth of the brand and we know where we started and now we've grown with a retail store like Walmart. Not only do we have our home base in Georgia, but we have a home base Based in Chicago as well. I was able to hire more and more people. I have a huge team. I have front office, I have my marketing and my social media team, then I have my shipping department. It's so exciting to see my growth as well as my vendors. They're hiring more employees At their facility as well. I get great joy in being able to help someone provide for their family. That's definitely due to Walmart From where I started to where I am now, I'm so appreciative to Walmart for giving me this opportunity. It's truly an American dream.

In partnership with Walmart, Janell Stephens, creator and founder of ‘Camille Rose’,  takes us through a day of her busy life as a wife, mom and entrepreneur.

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