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This article originally appeared on The Life Currency.

Getting fired sucks, but it’s a reality that many of us face as we navigate our career paths to success. With an ever-changing economy and job market, staying at a job for longer than a year without experiencing any major financial or staff shifts is a blessing. However, with constant industry changes, or simply an unexpected push from the universe to move in a different direction, being fired is not a tragedy. In fact, it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

While going through unemployment is a stressful journey, below are five tips for making sure you come out of your slump on top and ready for new career challenges.


Before jumping back into the swing of scouring job boards and sending out endless resumes, take some time to heal emotionally and mentally from the professional change that just occurred. I know it sounds absurd to relax and clear your head for a few days when you have no clue where your next paycheck is coming from, but allowing yourself time to recover is vital, and it will help you go into your job search with a rejuvenated mind and spirit.

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Be open to taking a short hiatus from social media so that you aren’t constantly comparing your state to the often falsified filtered life of those who are flexing online about how awesome their job and life seems. Most things aren’t as fun and extravagant as they may look to be on social media, and navigating the ropes of unemployment is a time when you need to be focused solely on your next move and not the moves of your peers.


Take some time to think about why things didn’t work out at your last job and if there is anything more or less you can do at your next job to avoid getting fired. What do you want your next job to be? Visualize it, including pay, title, company and location. Don’t have second thoughts about whether or not it will come true or if you’re aiming too high. It’s important to speak things into existence and really believe them so that they will come to fruition. From there, make a list of people you know who can possibly help you get closer to you ideal job.


Reconnect with your network and be open and honest about your situation. Sometimes we’re embarrassed to say that we are looking for employment, but people have no way of knowing that you’re actually looking for new opportunities unless you’re upfront about it. After taking a short social media break, get back online and follow the accounts of the organizations and successful people in your desired field. That way, you’ll be aware of networking events, conferences or speaking engagements to attend for a better shot at another opportunity.


In today’s digital age, get creative and think outside of the box when networking and trying to land your next opportunity. Don’t be afraid to slide into the LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter DMs of someone who you’ve admired and would love to connect with if you can’t find their email. Send a professional message just as you would any professional email and ask if they’re free to link up for coffee. Also, don’t hesitate to mention any factors you all have in common including sorority, alma mater, etc. Lastly, take advantage of LinkedIn premium free 30-day trial where you are able to see and message the person who posted the job directly.