The 10 Best Jobs For Foodies

If you look for most of the answers to life inside your fridge, then you're a foodie -- hands down. And, if you love something that much, wouldn't it be amazing to get paid for being around it all day? The good news is, you can! While some jobs may be more unconventional than others, there are bunch of different career paths that involve eating, cooking and maintaining food that can keep you wealthy, healthy and gloriously fed.

Alexis Reliford Oct, 19, 2016

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This is one important job in the food industry since, after all, you can’t have food without someone to make it. Chefs work everywhere from late-night diners to high-class restaurants, mixing ingredients to create tasty meals for customers.

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Put your love of sweets and other baked goods to good use as a baker. These foodies mix and bake ingredients according to recipes to make a variety of breads, pastries and other tasty treats, which are sold by grocers, wholesalers, restaurants and institutional food services.

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If you’re more into the service side of food, being a registered nutritionist might be the path for you. Typically nutritionist assess patients' and clients' health needs and diet; counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits; and develop meal plans, taking both cost and clients' preferences into account.

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Believe it or not, you can actually make a life out of eating ice cream. A full-time taster may be expected to stick to an aggressive daily sampling schedule and is asked to assess the quality of each flavor on the basis of texture, color, smell, appearance and other factors in addition to taste. Best of all tasters can make up to $100,000 a year.

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Flavor chemists use essential oils, flavor aroma, and botanical extracts to recreate and intensify flavors from nature — or create entirely new ones. They proceed to infuse this in processed foods to make it taste legit. Average pay: around $67,000 annually.

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Professional food photographers work alongside food stylists to create images of food for use in advertising, menus, cookbooks and other media. A creative eye and instinctual expertise in arranging food in an appetizing and appealing display is need to make the photos pop.

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Combine your writing skills with your knowledge of food to create articles and reviews that let diners know everything from the quality of the food to the type of décor to the level of service.

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This position entails managing dining experiences for events. If you’re a foodie with a passion for event planning and working on a budget, look no further. This is usually an all-in-one position and involves a wide variety of food knowledge mixed with a keen sense of planning.

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Take your food loving dreams on the road! With a new generation of street-food lovers is lining up at food trucks and food carts like never before this is the perfect job for someone who likes a little adventure with their food.

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Presentation is paramount in terms of food (just think about how we want our food to be Instagram worthy of all times). As a food stylist you’ll work closely with chefs, editors and photographers to keep tasty items…well looking tasty!