After continuously being asked for event planning advice, the light bulb finally went off for Eliana Baucicault. The Atlanta/New York-bsed event planner, also known as Elly B, is responsible for creating that special day for hundreds of couples. Here’s how she started her company, tips for having a good wedding and the challenges of being a married woman in the business of love. 

Full Name: Eliana Baucicault (Elly B)

Title/Company: Founder/ Elly B Events

Location: Atlanta, Georgia/New York City 

Social Media: @ellybevents 

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Becoming A Top Notch Wedding Planner: I literally took everything that I learned in corporate America and applied it to my business. When I was in the corporate world, I did project management for law firms in New York and I was recruited out to Atlanta to work with the firm. Just having some type of corporate experience and dealing with all different personalities [was beneficial] because if you don’t have those people skills, you won’t know how to be a chameleon and make everyone happy all at the same time.

Creating A Support System To Those In Need: We have weddings that get called off all the time for whatever reason, and we don’t just leave them because they’ve called it off. We have to act as their counselor at that point. Making sure they’re okay, because at this point sometimes they’re walking away from fifty-thousand-plus dollars. We let them know we are there for them beyond just the wedding day.

What Makes A Good Wedding: A good wedding is not forgetting the objective, which is the marriage. That’s number one. It’s really easy with this day and age of social media to get caught up.

Balancing Her Real-Life Marriage As A Wedding Planner: As a wedding planner that’s married, you can be having a hard time in your marriage. And you still have to hang that up and walk into that door like everything’s rosy and get someone else down the aisle and believe in it and teach everyone to believe in it as well. So some days it’s challenging. It’s an internal challenge, but it’s a challenge nonetheless because that’s what you’re surrounded by.

Her Secrets To Becoming A Great Wedding Planner: You have to eat, sleep, and breathe this business. It’s very hard and challenging. It’s hard from the client side because you’re dealing with all these different personalities [so] it takes very, very thick skin. Figure out your voice, signature style and brand that will keep the longevity in this business.

Her Superpower: I know how to appropriate funds. 

Building An Empire: It’s bigger than just weddings for me. I want to become a household name and make a mark in the industry that won’t be forgotten.  

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