Meet Michael Tubbs, The 23-Year-Old Councilman Reviving His California Hometown
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California councilman Michael Tubbs is the subject of a new documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

True Son follows the then 22-year-old working on his campaign in Stockton, California during a year of record homicides and the possibility of bankruptcy. The young politician sat down with the Huffington Post to discuss bringing his city back from wide-spread violence, interning for the white house and what the death of his cousin taught him. 

Tubbs says what motivated him to make a difference, was that in Stockton “a lot of narrative around what it meant, what options in life and opportunities there were really prison and death, literally.”

Tubbs reveals that since the documentary was filmed, homicides in his hometown, that were once higher per capita than Chicago, are down by 60 percent. Check out the trailer for True Son below:

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