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Overview: Let’s go!

An issue surrounding a family concern, your position at work or your morals is finally resolving itself. We are naturally stubborn in holding on to what’s comfortable—but it’s time to build a new queendom. Hint: It looks nothing like last year.

Cancer: Expand!

Happy solar return, sweet Cancer. July finds you in a self-reflective birthday mood. You may be feeling moved to deepen your faith during these uncertain times. The effort to enlarge your spiritual belief systems may involve attending a new church, joining an online astrology class or creating a prayer group among your circle of friends. You are the emotional backbone of society. Your inner strength is our refuge.

Leo: Find Balance

In order to remain in good spirits, you need intentional self-care. Carve out enough time for exercise and sleep this month. Try a new workout routine, and hit the sheets earlier each night—then watch how much easier it becomes to knock out your to-do list. Be good to yourself.

Virgo: Be Creative

Selfless Virgos will be called to “save the day” in relationships or at work this month. Remember to find something creative and enjoyable to do alone, in order to shore up your spirit. Be your own hero; heal your heart with the simple pleasures in life.

Libra: Escape

Even if you’re unable to go on a trip, grab a good book or take a long walk to clear your head. Instead of overthinking your personal life, escape into fantasy worlds for a bit. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the right place and time.

Scorpio: Connect

You may need to rely on an old friend for some sexual healing. Other signs would blush at the thought of finding passionate release with another, but not you. It’s important to seek out those who can help you unravel pent- up frustrations. Otherwise the current situation could cause you to implode.

Sagittarius: Seek calm

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Stay close to home to obtain a sense of serenity this month. Get cozy with your loved ones in a comfortable environment. Prayer moments, game nights or special dinner plans will bring a comforting sense of togetherness. Sometimes, family is all we have.

Capricorn: Get In The Mood

Finding joy has been tricky lately. May I suggest a little romance? Breakfast in bed, flowers or a small gift for your honey may bring the simple but important things into focus. Displaying love ignites our core.

Aquarius: Reach Higher

Perspective is everything. This month you will be the one to remind your loved ones that life could be a lot worse. Confidence and a plan for the future help to keep your own angst at bay. The next level is waiting for you.

Pisces: Splurge

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Find solace in purchasing a few accessories that can brighten your attitude. Your creativity is fueled as you experiment with a new look. You’ll smile from the inside out.

Aries: Look inward

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Slowing down long enough to consult your Creator, your angels and your guides could establish the sense of peace you’ve been searching for. Set up a meditation corner in your home and ground yourself in the now.

Taurus: Rejuvenate

Healthy sleep will enable you to feel more refreshed and less stressed. Pay attention to messages that surface in your dreams—you’d be surprised at how accurate your subconscious can be in answering practical questions.

Gemini: Count blessings

Sanity relies on your sacred connections with friends and groups this month. Start an online book club or a mental-health Zoom check-in, and keep a list of things you’re grateful for to share with friends. Keeping life’s blessings in view with a trusted few helps keep us accountable for each other’s happiness.