There’s something so inherently special about the bond between Black women. In fact, there’s a name stronger than friendship attached to it: sisterhood. Three amazing women, LeToya Luckett-Walker, Keri Hilson, and Eudoxie Bridges let ESSENCE inside their inner circle for a bird’s eye view of their unbreakable bond.

In their small group, LeToya is considered the pastor, Keri is the oracle and Eudoxie is the protector. Each of these women possesses valuable qualities that the other lacks and it creates fullness to their friendship. If not for her girls, LeToya said that she would be without soul food.

Her girls make her soul feel full and she said, “They lowkey finish my sentences sometimes.” She laughed, blaming her lack of finishing her own sentences on “mommy brain.” As a new mom, LeToya counts on Eudoxie and Keri to help center her and that feeling is mutual. Keri offers up expert advice for her girls, often loaded with empathy and understanding. She said, “If not for my girls, I would be attached to people and places I do not belong.”

When you find another woman who has gone through the same struggles, that is as strong as you, it is just an immediate friendship, a sisterhood.Eudoxie Bridges

Eudoxie and LeToya are her saving grace. They are the type of friends who help steer their girl in the right direction when she can’t see the path clearly for herself.

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The glue for these bonds is made up of something bigger than each woman within the sisterhood. Eudoxie shared, “It has a lot to do with your struggles. We do have the same kind of struggles and upbringing, and that is what ties us. That is what builds our bond. And we, for many years, have been the backbone of our families as women. So, when you find another woman who has gone through the same struggles, that is as strong as you, it is just an immediate friendship, a sisterhood.”


When a bond is special like this, it creates a family. That’s why Coca-Cola and ESSENCE have partnered up for a beautiful campaign that celebrates the power, bond, and friendship of Black women by telling the real and authentic stories of Black women and their friends, or their chosen sisters. Coca-Cola has always been a part of special moments of connection among friends and family. LeToya shared, “Sisters know how to read each other.”

We can relate to each other and we can be there for each other in a way that we can’t be with other friendships.LeToya Luckett-Walker

Go best friend. That’s my best friend! ESSENCE is releasing a four-part series on the ESSENCE Facebook channel that launches on Wednesday, July 3rd.

Lucky for you, the women in this sisterhood will be at ESSENCE Festival for a meet-and-greet with all of you, their girlfriends-in-their-heads-and-hearts.

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