It’s safe to say we’re all on a financial journey filled with pitfalls — some major, some minor. However, the road to financial wellness doesn’t have to be rife with stress, overwhelming debt and hitting up your family for loans. Establishing a successful financial vision for your life simply takes a solid action plan and key advice from women reclaiming control of their coins.

In collaboration with State Farm®, ESSENCE presents Women, Let’s Win!:A three-part video series to promote financial planning and literacy among Black women. State Farm Agent Tracey L. Harris sits down with bestselling author and lifestyle influencer, Ty Alexander; fitness and lifestyle influencer, Angelique Miles; and CEO of Clever Girl Finance®, Bola Sokunbi, to discuss money matters.

In the first installment, the candid conversation is focused on managing debt. From overused credit cards to setting a realistic budget, this gathering of girlfriends takes a look at the first step to designing a path to good financial health. “I try to spend with cash,” says Harris. “If I don’t have the cash, I do not buy it. And if it is something that I want, I plan for it if it’s a big purchase. Or, you know, just go without until you’re in a position to buy.”

Sokunbi emphasizes the ideas of planning before spending. “First thing’s first, get on a budget and understand the fine print,” says Sokunbi. “And have a plan to pay it off.”

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Watch the full video above for more debt management gems and stay tuned for more from the Women, Let’s Win! series! For additional tips on financial wellness, contact your local State Farm agent. Also, be sure to visit for other tips and financial resources.


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