Let's Go! How to Plan The Perfect Girls Trip For 2018

Lauren Porter Dec, 19, 2017

Assemble your squad because it’s time to start planning your big 2018 girls trip! Here’s your step-by-step guide.

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When you’re planning to go away, you have to make sure that all of your girls are in it to win it. While thinking of where to go on vacation together and how to get there, create a group chat for everyone to make it easier to prep and make decisions quickly.

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No one should miss the moment. Find a date that works for everyone fast, so you all can lock it in. Once you have, create a calendar invite for everyone to save the date. Along the way, create markers (i.e. 6 weeks away, 1 month, etc.) so that everyone is on the same page and prepared for the next steps. When planning, consider dates that are 3-4 months away so you can nab a few flight and hotel deals!

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You never want to alienate or isolate a friend. Everyone should be upfront about their budget and agree on a total trip cost that works for all. Consider scaling back elaborate plans in favor of making sure everyone can attend -- that way you know it will be a good time, no matter what.

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Maybe one friend has a secret talent for scouting Instagram gold on Airbnb and another is a  major foodie and boss at locating delicious food spots. To take some of the pressure off, designate individual tasks for every lady in the group and knock out that checklist. Hey, if you have an expert among you, be sure to take advantage.

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Whether this is the first time you and all your girls have been together in a few years (because you know, life) or your annual get away, settle on some goals for reflection. Is this a relaxing trip meant to bring you all closer together, an action-packed weekend so you can let your hair hang down or a combination of the two? Whatever it is, make sure that everyone is on the same accord and going in with the right mind set.

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Now everyone knows that when it comes to vacation style, you and your squad have to coordinate a look for at least one day! Whether you're rocking head-to-toe all white ensembles or cute squad t-shirts, you'll want to make sure that you and your crew do it for the 'gram!

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Because trips never go undocumented, keep all your memories in track with a custom and cute hashtag! When you and your girls agree on a squad name, use it when you post on social media so all your photos are in one place. Always remember one thing--the more creative the better!

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When it comes to your trip, don't get too crazy with the itinerary. Of course, you want to have a schedule for sight seeing, shopping and hitting up the spa but plan for some down time for more of an organic experience. You never know, your free time might bring out some of the best moments of your trip!