Ushering in the new year also means ushering in a clean, clear space.

Not only will a big purge make you feel more organized, but in the words of Marie Kondo, it will also bring you “joy.” Physical clutter can cause stress and leave you less focused. Plus, with a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll have fewer things taking up space in your home, making it easier for clean up in the future.

Between donating old items to GoodWill, recycling gift boxes leftover from the holidays, and tossing out leftovers, there’s plenty to clear out so you can make your home conducive to giving you the peace of mind to accomplish your resolutions.

As you enter in your “new year, new you” frame of mind, we’ve enlisted the help of master organizers, Taylor Victoria and Adama Garland of Crafted Organizers in Washington D.C. to get your space right.

Here’s how they work: Taylor Victoria and Adama will come into your space, take measurements, paying close attention to the uniqueness of your space. They’ll handle the shopping for you, making the necessary Container Store runs that you’ll need for your storage bins. And because they’re pros, they’re good at utilizing traditional organizational products in non-conventional ways.

They literally take everything out of your closets, drawers, and cabinets, dump it onto the floor and help you purge (and sometimes donate) what you don’t need. They make piles of like items and create categories to create an organization system that makes sense for you.

If you’re not local to the DMV and can’t hire them for yourself, here they offer up a few tips to help you declutter your space for the new year.

What was the inspiration behind Crafted Organizing?

Taylor Victoria: Crafted was inspired by our love for organizing and DIY. I used to be a nanny and Adama has three children. So in our daily lives we had to maintain an organized environment. We wanted to share our love for organizing with others, in hopes that they too can live a clutter free life. 

When it comes to organizing a home in 2020, what’s one thing people should consider?

Functionality! It’s not always about how it looks, although we have a love for aesthetically pleasing rooms as well. The real question is…”Will this work for me on a daily basis?” If you find that it’s cute, but not functional then it’s best to find another method. 

Once you’ve pinpointed your vision for the new year, how do you get started with organizing?

The best way to start is to pick your smallest problem area first. In doing this you see faster results and in return you are inclined to organize the other spaces of your home or office. 

This process might be overwhelming for some people. Is there a way around that reluctance to part with certain items? 

Honestly, there’s no way around it. If the item means that much to you – keep it. We never encourage people to get rid of things before they are ready. However, there is always a way to organize what you keep so that the items are visible and easily accessible. On the other hand, if you are ready to get rid of items and you are not sure how, or need support in doing so call an experienced organization company, call CRAFTED. 

Do you have any tips on organizing small spaces?

With small spaces your goal should always be to aim for a clutter free environment. You want as little as possible in that space. Use materials such as bins or storage units that are clear, can be hidden or against the wall if possible. You want it to still feel spacious even if it’s not. Especially if it’s a room you will always have to enter into. 

What’s your approach to handling high-traffic areas like entryways, kitchens and bathrooms?

Our approach is to make sure all items have a home. You want everything to have a place, especially if it’s used often. It will alleviate room for clutter and help keep everything organized. 

What’s the top request you receive from clients?

Definitely closet organization. People love to shop. We get it, we do too. People tend to buy more than what they have room for when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. But that’s why we’re here, to help make room for the new and the old.