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Social Media Platform VSCO Launched A Campaign To Celebrate Black Joy

With the #BlackJoyMatters series, VSCO is amplifying our voices through the lens of Black creators.

Black pain is far too often highlighted. Images of police brutality, violence, and marginalization aimed at our people are consistently splashed across every medium. That’s why, in this particular time, it’s vital to give Black joy just as big a platform.

VSCO, a popular photo-sharing and editing app with more than 30 million monthly active users, is launching a new campaign called #BlackJoyMatters. This summer-long initiative is designed to celebrate Black joy and the diaspora of Black stories through the lens of Black creatives. Users will see and engage with a series of images that show Black people in all their glory living their best lives. Black creatives are encouraged to participate by posting art, first-person videos and/or photos using the hashtag #BlackJoyMatters.

VSCO Launches Campaign To Celebrate Black Joy

The campaign is being spearheaded by Shavone Charles, VSCO’s Director of Consumer and Product communications. “The goal of the project is to use our platforms and social media as a global call to action to archive and document the realities and spectrum of Black life, beyond (and inclusive of) the trauma,” she tells ESSENCE. “Another goal of the project is to help the world see a more holistic picture of Black stories and Black joy through our lens versus what’s portrayed by the outside world.”

VSCO Launches Campaign To Celebrate Black Joy

Creatives – grab your cameras and let your joy be heard!