Whenever Tiffany “New York” Pollard returns to our television screens, we can expect nothing less than pure comedy. Yes, we did get the unfiltered one-liners we expected during her recent appearance on E!’s reality series Botched. But we also learned about a plastic surgery-related illness she, and so many other women, are quietly suffering from.

The reality TV star visited Botched doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for a second time, complaining of symptoms she’s experienced since her last breast augmentation. They included diarrhea, dizziness and panic attacks. Pollard explained that a friend who also had breast implants experienced the same symptoms, which stopped after she had the implants removed.

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Nassif and Dubrow explained that it sounded like Pollard was suffering from Breast Implant Illness, or BII, where the body reacts to the foreign substances in the implant. BII is not officially recognized as a medical illness, since is no diagnostic testing specifically for it according to Medical News Today. However, the doctors explained that the number of BII cases are rising.

“There’s a Facebook group of, I think, 40,000 women who have come together complaining of all of these symptoms,” Dr. Dubrow told Pollard. “If enough people have it, it’s a real thing.”

Ultimately, Pollard decided to have her implants removed completely, followed by a lift and reshaping of her natural breasts. In a post-operative visit, Pollard showed off her dramatically reduced bust, saying she feels much happier with the lighter load. “I love them so much. I feel lighter, more energetic and more feminine with the smaller breasts than I do with the bigger ones.”

As was the intent, Pollard’s BII symptoms vanished. “I no longer feel sick and I’m naturally abundant,” she added. “Turns out, you can be natural and still be the HBIC.”

Watch a clip from Pollard’s Botched episode below.


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