The 6 Juice, Detox and Whole Food Cleanses To Kickstart Your Diet
Sometimes our bodies need a boost to help get us on track — especially as life starts to take a toll on us (am I the only one still recovering from the holiday season?). That’s where a good old-fashioned detox or juice cleanse comes into play. Whether you want to lose weight, flush toxins from the body, detoxify, increase energy, reduce your disease risk, or all of the above, a cleanse can help you reach your health goals. The term “juicing” or “cleanse” usually refers to a period of 3–10 days when a person’s diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. This comes in many forms. But with so many options on the market promising an extensive amount of health benefits, and to help us shed pounds, where exactly should you begin? We outlined a few great options that will give your digestive systems a break and get you back on track in no time.